Start of A New Year and Growing Season

IMG_0915It’s getting that time of  year and spring fever is on it’s way. Checked out our cold frames and we have some good looking spinach and kale. Also have some  lettuce and other items up out of the ground. Will have to start working the ground but will not start tilling for now and am going to try to go without tilling this year, just break the ground with a hoe or fork.The extreme cold is  really had a effect on the growth. We have eaten some spinach though and could have some kale and lettuce and other items. I am going to start my first tomatoes this Thursday or Friday and will plant a few other seeds too.  Looking forward to a great year and hope to have a lot of  stuff to sell at the local farmers market.

Worked in the garden most of the day on March 15th, was warm about 60 degrees. I tilled a place for my potatoes and will plant on the 17th. We just plant a few potatoes each year, and I am planting Yukon Gold. This is one of my favorite varieties. This will also be about all of the tilling I do this year, I am trying to do a no till year for most of the garden and see if I like the results. I planted so red sweet onion bulbs and some white sweet onion plants for fall harvest also, and will plant more in a couple of weeks. My  Rhubarb is starting to grow and looking very good too. I have added about 3 inches of rabbit manure mixture to one of my asparagus beds also. Cleaned up and repaired some of the raised beds and will quit for the day. Next weekend will start more projects in the garden. Planted two rows of potatoes, Yukon Gold and Idaho baking potatoes, I have always been told that the 17th is the best day to plant. I did 2 rows yesterday, and also planted last year on the same day and had a great small crop last year and hope to do so this year too.

Will try to post a few pictures over the next few weeks. I will have 2 off grid or supplement energy systems up and going this week and next week.  Will try to post some pics by weeks end.  Have a great week and 2014 too.

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Calvin graduated from Mineral Area College, majoring in Electronics, Physics and Math. He has worked at Westinghouse Electric as a design engineer for 3-phase transformers and Quality control of built product and at Callaway Nuclear Plant in start-up support and Materials Engineering, Electrical division. He has had owned his own business in electrical and communications for over 20 years and has built several homes as a general contractor. However his biggest interest is in providing Alternative Resources of Energy for rural homes and industries at a reasonable non cost-prohibited expense to customers. Calvin also had a small greenhouse business to help fund his college education and continued to do greenhouse and gardening for a added income through out the years.. Loves to garden and work with plant care. Calvin also did several years of electronic service and repair of Electronic equipment on hybrid and tube type of equipment. Calvin still studies about organic chemistry and other alternative energy services and supply solutions. Currently working on some inexpensive DIY collectors from 4 inch schedule 35 pvc with spray adhesive and alluvium foil to heat water or antifreeze for heating system.. Will show work as completed.

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