New Business Location in Cuba, Missouri/ First tiny House/Off Grid Started

These are pictures of the project as it has progressed. The two first pictures are of the container that I am working with. Quiet a change in the looks of the box, so far looking good and hope it looks a lot better before done with it. Will add a wood if I do not sell before it is completed as a tiny house. I have had several inquires about it and buying is as is. Will sell as is or after completion of the unit. Just started my first tiny house on a lot that I have rented up at Cuba Missouri. The lot is an old car wash that is located just across for the Macy’s food mart on main street, Highway 19 south off of Highway 44 in Cuba. The tiny house is being constructed from an old van box that is about 8 feet by 17 feet that was located on the lot and I am converting into the tiny house. I worked on it today November 14th and yesterday the 13th. I will need several more days to complete the outside but I am well on my way with the outside and will try to complete the door and other window next Monday. I hope to have the outside done, at least except for the deck and loft by next weekend, will just have to see. Too much rain this week so I didn’t  get as much done as I wanted too. Still hope to get the window and door in and maybe stained too by friday afternoon. Did not get door in but have it here to modify to work in the opening available, have to cut it off about 6 inches. this is a short van box. the others are much bigger. This is Friday, December the 4th and I have got the end and the one side stained and the back sealed but the side still needs sealed, but the stain is on. I have also prepared the other side with studs and insulation and ready to side it. Hope to do it Saturday, on the 5th. May even get to stain it before end of day. There will be no window’s in this side. It will be my working space inside and needs to have no windows there. Will almost for sure put a window in the other end though.  I will be starting the van box in the picture here or one just like it very soon. I am also renting or rent to own the van boxes for storage. Should have one on my Cuba lot by next week, If he will deliver before Thanksgiving. These boxes are about 8 feet  6 inches high and 8 feet 6 inches wide by 25 to 28 feet long. Call for pricing or rental agreements. 1 year lease and $350.00 delivery and set up fee on your accessible, level lot. Will apply 50% of the delivery charge if you keep and purchase the van box. This is good for up to the first 50 mile radius. Thank You 573-690-0473

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Calvin graduated from Mineral Area College, majoring in Electronics, Physics and Math. He has worked at Westinghouse Electric as a design engineer for 3-phase transformers and Quality control of built product and at Callaway Nuclear Plant in start-up support and Materials Engineering, Electrical division. He has had owned his own business in electrical and communications for over 20 years and has built several homes as a general contractor. However his biggest interest is in providing Alternative Resources of Energy for rural homes and industries at a reasonable non cost-prohibited expense to customers. Calvin also had a small greenhouse business to help fund his college education and continued to do greenhouse and gardening for a added income through out the years.. Loves to garden and work with plant care. Calvin also did several years of electronic service and repair of Electronic equipment on hybrid and tube type of equipment. Calvin still studies about organic chemistry and other alternative energy services and supply solutions. Currently working on some inexpensive DIY collectors from 4 inch schedule 35 pvc with spray adhesive and alluvium foil to heat water or antifreeze for heating system.. Will show work as completed.

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  1. This is a work in progress and is to be sold as I go along or after completed, and if requested will build to suit as I go if a down payment is received. Thank You.

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