Magnetic Particle Laser Accelerated Beam

This is not for everyone but for those with Science or Physics in their interest areas. I have been curious about magnetics most of my life, and in high school I did a science project on a magnetic Missile Launcher, and now they even have one. I also did a science project on Laser’s, and am interested in the effect of a laser beam or Photon beam on a magnetic field. What if a magnetic field is really made up of particles some what like electrons that circle the nucleus of an atom but circles from the north to the south pole or just the opposite, and continue to without any loss of mass.If so, maybe we could drive or deflect some of these particles with Photons or a laser beam and, if they aren’t already traveling at light speed, we may be able to accelerate them to that speed in a straight line. The possible energy that may be developed may be unlimited, and without any radioactive collateral damage. It may also be possible to focus the beam with a magnetic loop or coil. Polarity would matter too. If any one has any idea’s or interest please respond or share with others that might find the interesting. Maybe we could even start a blog on this. I am also listed on face book under Alternative Resource Energy (A.R.E.) and was going to post this article under it.. Please feel free to view or visit my energy site as well as respond, share or repost any of this article.

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Calvin graduated from Mineral Area College, majoring in Electronics, Physics and Math. He has worked at Westinghouse Electric as a design engineer for 3-phase transformers and Quality control of built product and at Callaway Nuclear Plant in start-up support and Materials Engineering, Electrical division. He has had owned his own business in electrical and communications for over 20 years and has built several homes as a general contractor. However his biggest interest is in providing Alternative Resources of Energy for rural homes and industries at a reasonable non cost-prohibited expense to customers. Calvin also had a small greenhouse business to help fund his college education and continued to do greenhouse and gardening for a added income through out the years.. Loves to garden and work with plant care. Calvin also did several years of electronic service and repair of Electronic equipment on hybrid and tube type of equipment. Calvin still studies about organic chemistry and other alternative energy services and supply solutions. Currently working on some inexpensive DIY collectors from 4 inch schedule 35 pvc with spray adhesive and alluvium foil to heat water or antifreeze for heating system.. Will show work as completed.

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