New 10 foot wind turbine in progress

Just started my next project designing  and building a new 10 foot low speed, high torque wind turbine today,  March 17th 2016, St. Patty’s day. This unit will be almost like the one that I have here on site, but will be set a little higher off the ground than mine. I had the blades made over a year ago, but am just now able to start working on the project. Did not have the rest of the assembly either until less than a month ago. The weather was not exactly good for building outside until just lately either. So lots of things are lining up so I can complete the project over the next few weeks. This is a customer order one and will run an assembly that they purchase or that I may be building for them in the near future. I am going to build at least one for mine and another one to sell will be built at the same time. I am going to use some rare earth magnets. I think I will be using 9 coils, 3 series of 3 coils and wire it in a 3 phase configuration. The more coils that I have in series, the lower speed that I can use to get my required voltages on the phases. The coils will be placed in 3 sets of 3 at 120 degrees offsets to get the proper 3 phase outputs. More magnets will be required but I can use a much slower RPM drive for the turbine

New Sales location off 44 west of Cuba Mo. F hwy exit.

I am adding a new sales location for pick up of solar panels and other equipment on the North outer road of U S Highway 44, just west of the highway  F exit about 4 miles west of Cuba Mo.  I have a display and a banner located at the site and will add supplies as needed and most supplies will have to be ordered for pick up at a later time. Will have a few panels in stock and maybe a battery and inverter too. Will have to pre-order most items though or can also be picked up at my home site in Davisville, Mo. Will try to continue to add pick up points as the  business continues to grow. Thank You for your support. Calvin Allen 573-743-6357IMG_3056 IMG_3054

New Business Location in Cuba, Missouri/ First tiny House/Off Grid Started

These are pictures of the project as it has progressed. The two first pictures are of the container that I am working with. Quiet a change in the looks of the box, so far looking good and hope it looks a lot better before done with it. Will add a wood if I do not sell before it is completed as a tiny house. I have had several inquires about it and buying is as is. Will sell as is or after completion of the unit. Just started my first tiny house on a lot that I have rented up at Cuba Missouri. The lot is an old car wash that is located just across for the Macy’s food mart on main street, Highway 19 south off of Highway 44 in Cuba. The tiny house is being constructed from an old van box that is about 8 feet by 17 feet that was located on the lot and I am converting into the tiny house. I worked on it today November 14th and yesterday the 13th. I will need several more days to complete the outside but I am well on my way with the outside and will try to complete the door and other window next Monday. I hope to have the outside done, at least except for the deck and loft by next weekend, will just have to see. Too much rain this week so I didn’t  get as much done as I wanted too. Still hope to get the window and door in and maybe stained too by friday afternoon. Did not get door in but have it here to modify to work in the opening available, have to cut it off about 6 inches. this is a short van box. the others are much bigger. This is Friday, December the 4th and I have got the end and the one side stained and the back sealed but the side still needs sealed, but the stain is on. I have also prepared the other side with studs and insulation and ready to side it. Hope to do it Saturday, on the 5th. May even get to stain it before end of day. There will be no window’s in this side. It will be my working space inside and needs to have no windows there. Will almost for sure put a window in the other end though.  I will be starting the van box in the picture here or one just like it very soon. I am also renting or rent to own the van boxes for storage. Should have one on my Cuba lot by next week, If he will deliver before Thanksgiving. These boxes are about 8 feet  6 inches high and 8 feet 6 inches wide by 25 to 28 feet long. Call for pricing or rental agreements. 1 year lease and $350.00 delivery and set up fee on your accessible, level lot. Will apply 50% of the delivery charge if you keep and purchase the van box. This is good for up to the first 50 mile radius. Thank You 573-690-0473


I have started and almost completed  a 4 ea. 225 watt solar panel system to power my guest house with. I have the panel bracket built and the panels are setting ready to put in place after I complete the bracket mount. I will cover it with tin, put the storage batteries and inverter in the storage area under the solar panels and insulate it with a good vent system before winter. I have got the panels set now and have covered the north side with tin. I have set the batteries in place and am getting ready to install the Charge Controller and the Inverter in the storage area.. I put the inverter in here so I can use 110 volts AC to the building so it will not have the losses or the wire size required to use the DC voltage. I will also be able to have a 110 volt outlet at the site, which really comes in handy when needed. Will also be able to run a circuit to the van box that I am planning on building into a tiny house this winter. I will also be posting on this project as completed.IMG_2770 IMG_2771



My new 4 panel 1200 watt off grid solar panel system for my guest house. The panels are mounted and I will start setting up the batteries  Thursday and the wiring should be completed by Friday or Saturday.  I Hope! It is looking good so far and  I think this will provide all the electric that I will need for this guest house. This will be a combination of new and used parts put together at a calculated cost so I can see what I can do for less expenses. Will keep a running cost so others can get an idea of cost if you can find the used parts.

Starting My Winter Planting of Cold Frame Crop’s and Cuttings

IMG_2781Have started planting my winter greens spinach, kale, beet tops and some new ones too.. I am also going to start doing cuttings from my sweet potatoes, black berry bushes, Raspberry bushes, and try some fruit tree cuttings too. Maybe a few flowers this year also. I did some strawberries  through last winter and they did well and will try them again this winter. I am adding light and heat to them this year too… Haven’t ever done any extended light or added heat before..Two section cold frame. Can add heat and light to tall frame I think it will be a great year for this. Will try to keep pictures and growth posted with time.   This is my first raised bed that I have covered for winter greens, I still have 3 more to do later this fall. It is a lot of work to clean up and remove old plastic and strips along with all the weeds and other obstacles  before being ready to do the recover and planting. Will add new rabbit poo and maybe other organic matter for mulch to the soil before planting. The bed that I have planted and replanted is not covered yet and will add a couple of pictures as soon as possible. The kale is doing good and the spinach and beet’s are far behind but should show up in pics. If interested please follow and comment as needed to help or encourage too. Thanks Calvin Allen

Magnetic Particle Laser Accelerated Beam

This is not for everyone but for those with Science or Physics in their interest areas. I have been curious about magnetics most of my life, and in high school I did a science project on a magnetic Missile Launcher, and now they even have one. I also did a science project on Laser’s, and am interested in the effect of a laser beam or Photon beam on a magnetic field. What if a magnetic field is really made up of particles some what like electrons that circle the nucleus of an atom but circles from the north to the south pole or just the opposite, and continue to without any loss of mass.If so, maybe we could drive or deflect some of these particles with Photons or a laser beam and, if they aren’t already traveling at light speed, we may be able to accelerate them to that speed in a straight line. The possible energy that may be developed may be unlimited, and without any radioactive collateral damage. It may also be possible to focus the beam with a magnetic loop or coil. Polarity would matter too. If any one has any idea’s or interest please respond or share with others that might find the interesting. Maybe we could even start a blog on this. I am also listed on face book under Alternative Resource Energy (A.R.E.) and was going to post this article under it.. Please feel free to view or visit my energy site as well as respond, share or repost any of this article.


9 panels on roof mount.

9 panels on roof mount.

Storage batteries, 2 banks of 6 batteries, series/ parallel to make a 24 volt system.

Storage batteries, 2 banks of 6 batteries, series/ parallel to make a 24 volt system.

3000 watt inverter with 150 volt charge controller, fused disconnect and 4 breaker distribution panel.

3000 watt inverter with 150 volt charge controller, fused disconnect and 4 breaker distribution panel.

This is a 9 each 300 watt panel system, with a 2700 watt maximum output at 150 volt DC configuration. The panels are wired in a series/parallel circuit with 3 sets of 3 panels in series per circuit, tied together in parallel. This configuration gives a maximum output of 2700 watts at 150 volts, which meets the requirements of the charge controller and the available battery storage. The system is off grid (not grid tied) so it can be used at any time, Even when the grid is down. We isolated the circuits that the inverter is connected to so that we have certain outlets that will sustain power at all times. There will be a propane back up generator added to the system at a latter time so if power consumption is not able to be met by the solar panels then the generator will automatically come on and charge the batteries and go back off when battery levels are at their max. This allowes the generator to shut down for extented periods of time, and only run at a premium. The larger the battery storage, more batteries, the longer the generator will run and longer it will stay off between run times. Adding to the system is a good investment over time and can be done at any time in the future too. This system just as it is, is a very good backup system and will carry many emergency utilities.

Increasing System Output

Just added another 8 panels to the system but will need to add 1 more so as to not have to use another charge controller..existing panels were 235watts each and the new one’s are 300 watts each.Will need to add another panel to match incoming voltage with the other 8..The first 8 are made up of 2 sets of 4 panels in series then paralleled. The new set will be 3 sets of 3 panels in series and then paralleled. This has to be done to almost match the incoming voltage to the charge controller.. Otherwise you would need 2 controllers, One for each set of panels and voltages, to keep maximum input from all panels. We will still be adding another 9 or 18 panels before the system is at capacity. This system is one of those that I have spoken about before. When possible we should build a system that will meet the needs for the home owner..If not affordable or warranted at time of start, then start and build as you go. just try to build with the products you want in your completed system. Try not to have to buy products twice to finish the system..Most systems can be built is such a way as to grow as you go, just start out with the right products. This set of panels will also get 1/2 inch hardware cloth added to keep down possible hail damage.