Alternative Energy Services

We are a Design, Sales, Service, and Installation company that will build the required equipment to generate,  monitor and control your Alternative Resource Energy.  We design systems to match your known existing available resources, and design and build to available and applicable resources specific to your location.

Available resources are most notably, but not limited to, Wind, Solar, Hydro (water), Steam (from wood), bio-fuels , coal,  fuel oils, propane,  methane, some hydrogen (organic) carbon fuels, ground source (geo-thermal, used for heating and cooling).  Composting Gases and heat are also a small resource.

We can build to your design specifications, or design to your requirements and  build to meet your current  needs and your projected future needs as an add on for future growth. We can also add to existing systems and redesign to use as much  existing  available equipment as possible.

We can provide the equipment for each system we design and install and will discount our design charges  at 10% of the cost at up to $10,000 and any system over that will have no design cost when purchased.

Thank You for your support and interest.  –Calvin Allen