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A.R.E. specializes in making Sustainable, Alternative Resources of Electrical Energy for residential or rural home sites and  industry more affordable.  We offer solar, wind,  hydro (water power),  geo-thermal, and steam resource  services.  We can also build, design, sale, service, and install back-up  diesel,  Bio-fuel,  gas,  propane,  or steam generator systems. Whether you need a power inverter DC to AC conversion for a backup, 12vt., 24vt., 48vt., or any other applicable DC voltage system, or 120/240 volt AC system, or a complete grid disconnect system, (NO MORE ELECTRIC BILL FROM YOUR UTILITY COMPANY). With gas, propane, and diesel back-up systems, A.R.E. can provide all of these professional services at a great price. Thank You for visiting my site.

Remember, if you are building a new home or adding to your present home or business the best time to add and install needed wiring, heating, cooling, ventilation  and other alternative resource requirements is while under new construction. EPA universal certification, for all refrigeration systems.  Type 1, 2 and 3.

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